Speeches and Statements

United Nations General Assembly

Secretary-General's remarks to the Security Council on the COVID-19 Pandemic [as delivered on 9 April 2020]


Speech by Jean-Pierre Lacroix at High-Level Meeting on Peacekeeping Performance (18/12/2019)


Remarks of Secretary-General António Guterres at the Paris Peace Forum (11/11/2019)


Remarks of Under-Secretary-General Rosemary DiCarlo at Yale University's Macmillan Center on “United Nations and a New World Order: Multilateralism vs Regionalism and Unilateralism” (04/11/2019)


Joint UN-EU Press Statement Reinforcing the UN-EU Strategic Partnership on Peace Operations and Crisis Management: Priorities 2019-2021

In the face of rising global levels of violent conflict, the United Nations (UN) and the European Union (EU) have identified a new set of forward-looking priorities for cooperation on peace operations and crisis management in 2019-2021.


Joint Communiqué - Third African Union-European Union-United Nations Trilateral Meeting (23/09/2018)

The Chairperson of the African Union Commission, the President of the European Commission and the Secretary-General of the United Nations met on 23 September 2018 at United Nations Headquarters in New York in the margins of the United Nations General Assembly. They discussed the ongoing cooperation between the three organisations and ways to better coordinate efforts in addressing global challenges. They concurred that peace, security and stability are paramount not only to ensure decent living conditions for all citizens, but also to attract investments necessary for sustainable and inclusive growth.


Joint European Union-United Nations Press Statement (23/09/2018)

The United Nations Secretary-General, the President of the European Commission and the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice President of the European Commission, met in New York for their annual meeting in the margins of the seventy-third session of the United Nations General Assembly. 


Latest speeches and statements from senior officials on United Nations Peacekeeping, Political and Peacebuilding Affairs and Operational Support




Chiefs of Defense Conference: “The Changing Nature of UN Peacekeeping” (07/07/2017)